Aline Breucker & Quintijn Ketels / Side-Show
Vernissage 17.03.22 Bog-Art Gallery. Brussels (BE)
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Side-Show’s creations document a unique quest for what a movement leaves behind. During Portraits, Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels’ latest performance, numerous works are created as a result of an interaction between the practice of the monotype and the practices of the circus artists being portrayed - Camille Paycha and Sander De Cuyper. For the exhibition Stills, these life-sized monotypes are in turn cut up and interwoven to create new work.

Alongside the monotypes from Portraits, Stills also presents a series entitled Opal Series. These reflective works took shape following an exploration of colour, light and reflection for which Aline Breucker and Quintijn Ketels used old pieces of dance mat as a canvas. In this Opal Series, Side Show’s stage practice and visual work seamlessly merge. The works turn their back on moderation and sobriety and resolutely opt for a colourful imaginative world.

March 2022. With Stills we want to take the time to make a freeze frame. There is often a need to pause for reflection in order to start moving again afterwards. This exhibition can also be read as a collection of snapshots: a series of silent moments in the constant transformation of material in our artistic universe.
Aline Breucker & Quintijn Ketels

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