Aline Breucker & Quintijn Ketels / Side-Show
Vernissage 08.05.21 Dommelhof. Neerpelt (BE)
a person walking on a painted floor

In this period of restrictions both within and outside the artistic sector, Side-Show wants to create openings. They are doing this by means of What’s Cooking?, an artistic intervention in the kitchen container at Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof and Out of the Blue, an exhibition in the theatre building.

What’s Cooking? 

With What’s Cooking?, Side-Show are staging an intervention in the container that Dommelhof equipped as a kitchen for its residents. It is a closed and secluded place without windows where intimate groups can cook and discuss the artistic process. Following their intervention, the container appears to have been worked on with crude tools. There are holes that resemble ventilation ducts, draft openings or pass-throughs. These apparently subtle interventions attest to a broader desire for exchange between artistic processes and their environment. On Saturday 8 May, Side-Show will be inaugurating What's Cooking with a live performance that will serve as an opening ritual.

Out of the Blue 

With the exhibition Out of the Blue the company focuses its gaze on its own studio. During a year of stumbling from lockdown to lockdown, Aline and Quintijn have been concentrating on visual work in the intimate environment of the studio in their garden. In an initial period, which concluded with a small exhibition for a limited audience, the two artists worked exclusively in blue. Today this restriction is no longer in place and they are working in a range of media including monotypes, cyanotypes and ink. In addition to these autonomous works, they are also exhibiting new visual work that stems from the creative process for their next project Portraits.

Out of the Blue runs in Dommelhof’s theatre building from Saturday 8 May to Friday 4 June. 


Thus a window opens up onto a closed world of creation.
Vincent Focquet

CONCEPT AND CREATION Aline Breucker & Quintijn Ketels
ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE Irma Morin, Gert De Cooman 
DRAMATURGY Vincent Focquet

PRODUCTION Side-Show & Dommelhof
WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Flemish Authorities

Neerpelt (BE)